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What to do if I have DACA?

Everything about DACA got more complicated last week. Right now, for young people who have DACA, there are no easy answers. As information is still rolling and it all depends on leadership decisions still being made. One thing is certain, there will be more questions than answers for the near future. The best thing to do is to remain calm. Try not to focus on the worst which may happen. It is difficult to balance this calm attitude with preparation and staying informed. However, I believe this DACA generation will learn to balance these attitudes.

A resourceful person will check many sources to obtain answers to difficult questions. One of the best resources out there is the Immigrant Legal Resource Center. They are out front with most current information and in the best formats. Just see their recent Facebook post:

Contact me for English version and evaluation.

I will place more resources and information in this blog as time passes. Stay calm and breath deeply.

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