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Make a case review appointment today by calling (505)216-6658. 

Haga su cita hoy para reviso de su caso llamando (505)216-6658. 

Legal Work


I provide legal counsel and mediation services. The types of cases handled are:

  • Family Immigration

  • Visas,

  • Waivers,

  • DACA,

  • Criminal History Consultation,

  • Removal Defense.




Experience counts in a law practice because each case is different.  Each client has different needs.  I am an attorney with20 years experience. I started my work in local non-profits.  In 1997 I opened my own office to help people with immigration problems.  After a short time I added

divorce and custody cases.  In 2007 I fininalized extensive training in mediation.


"I was very happy with Ms. Herrera's efforts, and I know that my adversary (plaintiff's counsel) was as well."

--John Mahoney, Attorney at Law



Do I really need a lawyer?

I am asked this regularly.  If one has a simple case, it may not be a good investment to hire someone to handle the case. However, who can tell you better than an experienced practicioner if your case is a simple one?  Call for a through case review to get quick answers.


In my office the client comes first. My job is to find out exactly what my clients need and want in the short term and long term. I make it my business to get as close to their goals as possible. Therefore, the best part of the service and value I provide to my clients is peace of mind and a place to ask questions (and received prompt answers) whenever questions arise.

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